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e-fatbike On Wheels

How does it work

You can rent an e-Chopper and e-Fatbike for a full day, half a day or 2 hours. With the E-Chopper you can cover 55KM on one battery charge.

The e-Chopper and e-Fatbike drive at 25 km/h, helmet not required . To be allowed to drive the e-Chopper you must be in possession of a valid (moped) driver's license.

In addition to the e-Choppers, a number of locations have e-fatbikes which you can drive without a driver's license.

What to do

On Wheels, together with its partners, proposes a diverse fun activities available that can be booked together with the rental of an E-Chopper. Check out our activity site for more information


We offer e-Chopper and e-Fatbike tours for groups between 15 and 70 people. For a complete daily schedule, we work together with partners and we make tailor-made packages. Check out our groups site for more information and to request a quote.

Concert at Sea 2022

On Wheels also rents out its e-Choppers and e-Fatbikes during this event on June 31, July 1 and 2
Rentals only during the day for 2, 4 or 8 hours according to normal rental conditions and prices.
Identification by means of a (moped) driver's license for all drivers
Deposit € 100,-, this will be refunded immediately after correct return
summer 2022
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