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Water Sports

Jan de Jonge Fietsen

The well-known Brouwersdam Waterjump, it is as exciting and challenging as it sounds! On this 8 meters high and 25 meters long ramp, daredevils practice breathtaking jumps on the water!

You can order a ticket for the waterslider directly when you rent an E-Chopper. Please note, the waterslider has a maximum number of users per hour. Full is full

No wind and still on the water at Brouwersdam! When SUPing, you stand on an inflatable board and propel yourself with a paddle that takes you through the water on both sides of the board. This makes Stand-Up Paddleboarding one of the most complete work outs! You train your buttocks, abdomen, back, arms and shoulders. Not only fun, but also good for your body!

To reserve a SUP, contact Zeil & Surfcentrum Brouwersdam directly +31 (0) 111 671 480

Whether you are standing on a board for the first time or you have already made some flying hours on the water. At Team Brouwersdam you are in good hands! From introductory course to dotting the i’s for advanced students.

To make a reservation for Windsurfing, please contact Zeil & Surfcentrum Brouwersdam directly +31 (0) 111 671 480

Sailing on the Grevelingenmeer is an unforgettable experience. Guaranteed fun, action, relaxation and team work! The wind challenges you to roll up your sleeves and explore the beautiful sailing area.

For sailing, please contact Zeil & Surfcentrum Brouwersdam directly +31 (0) 111 671 480

There is much more to experience at Zeil and Surfcentrum Brouwersdam. Check the website for this.



Zeeland Buitenland - Brouwersdam

Make the ramble from island to island. Many obstacles challenge you to get to the other side dry. But will everyone succeed?
The obstacles can be overcome at different levels. So everyone can join!

Book the Zwerftocht easily with your e-Chopper and pay €11 per person instead of €12.

Zeeland Abroad has a unique ALTITUDE TRACK ! Climb in our tower to a height of 10 meters and from there get out on the many obstacles. Balancing over steel cables, stepping from beam to bench, each obstacle is a challenge in itself! Of course you are secured and completely safe.
We have a challenging course at a height of 3 meters and at a height of 10 meters. We also have various zip lines, long and short! Do you dare!
Sometimes the height is your enemy, sometimes the obstacle itself. Strength, balance, guts; take the challenge!

From what age can you climb? About 7/8 years and a minimum height of 1.25 meters. If you are not yet 7 or smaller than 1.25 meters, and you really want to climb on our altitude course. Then call us! Then we take on the challenge together!

Visit the Zeeland Buitenland site to view all activities.


Eat Drink

Lunch, drinks & dinner

Jan de Jonge Fietsen

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