Terms and Conditions

Rental and payment conditions On Wheels


  1. Lessor: On Wheels Investment BV / the rental location where the e-Chopper is rented
  2. Tenant: the person who has entered into the lease with the landlord
  3. Driver: the person who drives the e-Chopper
  4. Rental period: the period between the times of commencement and return as stated in the contract
  5. Rental location: 1 of the rental locations from which the On Wheels e-Choppers are rented, see below for the overview and contact details

Article 1. OWNER

1.1 The lessor undertakes to present the e-Chopper in good condition after payment and the renter confirms that he has received the e-Chopper in good condition.

1.2 The lessor reserves the right to proactively monitor compliance with the rules regarding the use of the e-Chopper. In case of misuse, the rented property can be immediately taken without refund of the rent already paid.

1.3 The lessor cannot be held liable in any way for any damage whatsoever to the means of transport, to himself and / or to third parties. Even if this is the result of a possible defect in the rented object.

1.4 The lessor has insured the e-Choppers WA. This insures the driver against damage caused to others with the vehicle.

1.5 The lessor has the right to dissolve the lease at any time. The landlord has this authority even if the tenant does not comply with some of the conditions of the lease.

1.6 The landlord is entitled to charge costs to the tenant in case of a request for roadside assistance (see article 5). If the malfunction is due to a technical defect, then of course nothing will be charged.

1.7 The lessor has the right to cancel the reservation under certain weather conditions, without mutual costs, if security is compromised. This assessment lies solely with the landlord.

Article 2. TENANT & DRIVER

2.1 The renter / driver will take care of the e-Chopper and only use it in accordance with its destination. The landlord is entitled to take possession of the rented property after alleged abuse without refund of the rent and if damage has occurred to the rented property, any costs will be charged.

2.2 The tenant bears the legal liability for damage caused to the e-Chopper (this can be bought off with the SAFEPLAN, see article 5) and to himself. The e-Choppers have liability insurance, so any damage caused to third parties with the vehicle is covered according to the terms of the insurance. If damage is caused by a third party, the hirer / driver must hold this party liable at all times and contact the rental location or On Wheels as soon as possible.

2.3 Every driver of an e-Chopper must identify himself with a valid driver’s license for the vehicle: a car, motorcycle or moped driver’s license is sufficient.

2.4 The renter / driver must at all times comply with the traffic regulations as well as local regulations, also when using the route planner. Any traffic fine (s) are at the expense of the tenant.

2.5 The tenant is liable for theft / loss / embezzlement and all other damage by whatever name and however caused, which is caused or arisen to the rented means of transport, regardless of whether this damage is the result of the fault of the tenant, driver or third parties. In the event of a single-sided claim or with the involvement of a third party, the lessor must be notified immediately. The tenant declares through this agreement that he will cooperate fully with the landlord in recovering all damage caused. In the event of theft / loss / misappropriation, the renter is liable for the current value of the vehicle (this can be reduced to the deposit paid by means of the SAFEPLAN, see article 5). Damage due to loss of rent is not included. If the invoice regarding the damage is not paid immediately after the first request is made, all other recovery costs, including statutory interest, collection costs, judicial as well as all extrajudicial costs, will be borne by the tenant in addition to the costs of the damage. All costs for a damage assessment will be charged to the tenant with a minimum of € 99.00 (handling costs) per damage. In the event of theft of the vehicle, the hirer must hand over a police report and the relevant key to the vehicle to the lessor.

2.6 The tenant will return the rented property in an orderly condition after the termination of the lease to the place where the tenant has received the rented property, the rental location, unless otherwise agreed.

2.7 The renter / driver must comply with Dutch legislation while using the e-Chopper (also with regard to alcohol / medicines / drugs). In addition, people are expected to deal with the rented property in a responsible manner.

2.8 The renter / driver is not allowed to use the e-Chopper to go outside the paved roads and cycle paths and therefore not to drive on the beach or through the water. Driving up and down curbs or driving on the pavement is also prohibited and you must always drive at an appropriate distance from each other. In case of excessive pollution, cleaning costs will be charged, with a minimum of € 10.00 per vehicle.

2.9 The renter / driver must park and lock the e-Chopper en route in a safe and visible place. This is to limit or prevent the risk of theft of the vehicle. An e-Chopper must always be on the steering wheel lock, and must be secured to an inseparable object by the front wheel with the supplied lock.

2.10 The tenant / driver must report any damage, of whatever nature, or facts and / or any circumstances causing damage, to the lessor as soon as possible and must, in that context, adhere to the instructions of the lessor for preservation. of the rented to preserve the rights of the lessor. Failure to comply with this provision makes the driver liable for all damage and costs. The lessor has the right to recover damage to the rented property from the driver / renter.

Article 3. E-CHOPPER

3.1 Due rent and deposit must be paid in advance.

3.2 The e-Choppers remain the property of On Wheels Investment BV at all times, selling or subletting is therefore strictly prohibited.

3.3 Use of an e-Chopper is entirely and solely at the risk of the tenant.

3.4 The tenant must therefore take into account that costs (such as a fine / violation) may be charged to him or her afterwards. Additional administration costs will be charged to the tenant with a minimum of € 30.00 per fine / violation.

3.5 If the e-Chopper is returned early, there will be no refund of the rental amount to the tenant.

3.6 Additional costs will be charged for handing in after the agreed handing in time, see art. 4.7.

3.7 The driver of an e-Chopper must be at least 16 years old and in possession of a valid driving license: a car, motorcycle or moped driving license is sufficient. The vehicle travels a maximum of 25 km / h, so there is no helmet requirement at the time of drawing up these conditions (April 2021).

3.8 It is not allowed to sit on the e-Chopper with more than 1 person.

3.9 An e-Chopper is allowed up to a maximum of 160 kg. be taxed. Damage caused by overload will be charged in full. If the SAFEPLAN has been purchased, this damage is not covered, which falls under intent, gross negligence.

3.10 In the event of an accident or collision as a renter / driver: do not continue driving the e-Chopper! Contact the police immediately. Also report the damage to the landlord and then follow further instructions from the landlord.

3.11 The range of an e-Chopper with 1 battery is ± 60 km. depending on load, driving style and weather conditions. With 2 batteries the distance is about 120 km. If more than 60 / 120km is driven or if several people are driven on 1 e-Chopper (not allowed and the range decreases) then sufficient battery capacity cannot be guaranteed if the renter / driver then comes to a standstill and the lessor if assistance is required on location, a service charge of € 50.00 will be deducted from the deposit.


4.1 By making a reservation, the tenant undertakes to pay the full rent with a deposit.

4.2 Reservation is possible in various ways, but always with prepayment, IDEAL, via the website or on location, then the reservation is final.

4.3 Payment must be made when booking and as soon as the amount due has been credited to the landlord’s account, the reservation is a fact.

4.4 Changes can be coordinated by telephone with the location and of course insofar as this is possible due to availability.

4.5 Extension of the rental period can only take place after permission from the rental location and at the applicable rates.

4.6 The rented e-Chopper (s) must be returned to the rental location no later than the date of return stated in the contract.

4.7 If the original or extended rental period is exceeded by more than 15 minutes because the e-Chopper (s) has not been returned to the rental location on time, the following rates apply:

  • From 15 minutes to 30 minutes late: € 10.00
  • 30 minutes to 1 hour late: € 25.00
  • More than 1 hour late: € 35.00

4.8 In case of cancellation, the paid deposit will be refunded to the tenant immediately, if the SAFEPLAN is also taken out when booking, the following additional rules apply:

    • Up to 5 days before the start of the rental period: 90% rent refund
    • From 5 days to 24 hours before the start of the rental period: 50% reimbursement of the rent
    • Within 24 hours: no reimbursement of the rent
    • The deposit is always refunded in full.


5.1 If the hirer / driver comes to a standstill as a result of a technical defect, breakdown assistance will be provided by the rental location.

5.2 In any case, technical defects do not include: an empty battery or flat tire.

5.3 In case of breakdown assistance without a technical defect, a service charge of € 50.00 will be charged.

5.4 Payment for breakdown assistance can be bought off with the SAFEPLAN. With the SAFEPLAN, the tenant receives roadside assistance, the maximum damage after theft is the deposit (instead of the current value) and the damage to the e-Chopper is covered (except for intent or gross negligence). The conditions of the SAFEPLAN apply.

These conditions may change slightly, see for the most recent conditions: www.onwheels.fun/algemenevoorwaarden

For the conditions of the SAFEPLAN see:


Rental locations e-Choppers from On Wheels:


A translation of the On Wheels General Terms and Conditions is available, the Dutch version is leading at all times.

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