Instruction for using the On Wheels e-Choppers


All riders must have thoroughly studied and understood this instruction prior to riding. If something is unclear or if you have other questions, please report to an employee of the rental location prior to driving for further explanation. BE AWARE TO DRIVE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD! This instruction supplements the general terms and conditions of OnWheels, these terms and conditions can be found at

At you will find an explanation with images of all important parts of our e-Chopper. Study the various parts of the e-Chopper before driving and ask any questions before driving to an employee at the rental location.

To drive an e-Chopper, every driver of the vehicle needs a valid (moped) driver’s license. Consequences resulting from driving without a valid driver’s license (fines, confiscation of vehicle, no liability insurance cover) are fully borne by the renter. When driving an e-Chopper, always adhere to all Dutch legal (traffic) rules.

Before driving

  • Mileage and range : When allocating an e-Chopper by the rental location (before departure), write down the mileage or take a photo of it. The range of the e-Chopper depends on the load, driving style and weather conditions such as the outside temperature. With 1 battery charge you can drive ± 50 to 60 kilometers. Do not rely on the battery meter, but pay attention to your kilometers driven, capacity may differ from the actual amount of power left in the battery.
  • Inspect the e-Chopper for any defects and check the proper functioning of the (brake) lights and direction indicators. Check the proper functioning of the brakes by pushing the e-Chopper forward using manual force and squeezing the brakes one-by-one. If something is not in order or if you doubt its proper functioning, never drive and immediately report to an employee of the rental location.
  • General operation e-Chopper :
    • The right brake lever operates the front brake.
    • The left brake lever operates the rear brake.
    • Make sure you distribute the brake pressure well when braking so that you never slip.
    • You cannot drive away as long as the standard is off, so click the standard away before driving away.
    • The maximum load of the e-Chopper is 125 kg, you can ride an e-Chopper with a maximum of 1 person
    • At the left handle is the direction indicator, you operate it by pressing the slide switch to the side where you want to turn. Don’t forget to turn off the turn signal after turning.
  • Getting ready to drive : you sit on the e-Chopper and you start the e-Chopper by inserting the key in the ignition and turning the key clockwise. You see the pointer of the battery meter on the dashboard increasing. Always check whether the battery is fully charged. If this is not the case, report immediately to the employees on duty at the rental location and do not drive. The e-Chopper is ready to use. PLEASE NOTE, you will not hear anything, but the e-Chopper will start moving when you turn the right handle (this is the throttle).

During your ride

  • Drive away: Slowly turn the right handle (throttle) until you feel the e-Chopper start to move. Once you are moving well (sufficient speed), only then put your feet on the e-Chopper.
  • NEVER drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs . In the unlikely event that you are not (any longer) able to drive the vehicle for whatever reason, please contact your rental location immediately. If it is found in an accident that the rider is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the insurance will not cover damage! All costs will be recovered from the rider by us and/or the other party and/or the authorities.
  • Use the e-Chopper with due care and for what it was designed for
  • E-Choppers and e-Fatbikes cannot withstand (sea) water, salt and sand. It is expressly forbidden to go outside the official paths with the e-Chopper, see also the general terms and conditions.
  • Ride in a group at a sufficient distance and only on paved roads and trails.
  • Riding in a group is a lot of fun. Always pay close attention; never drive two vehicles side by side and keep a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  • It can sometimes be very busy on the road and cycle paths, pay attention to the traffic around you and adjust your driving behavior to the situation.
  • Always lock your E-Chopper or e-Fatbike and on the cable lock, even if you only leave it for a short time
  • It is prohibited by law to sound the horn unnecessarily, so only do this in an emergency.

In the event of a breakdown, you can call the rental location where you left with the e-Chopper. Phone numbers can be found at

Have a nice and safe ride!

The Onwheels team

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