On wheels safe plan

Carefree driving - the Main Features


Bad luck on the way? We will solve the problem as soon as possible.


Theft? With a maximum of the deposit paid by you covered in the ON WHEELS Safe Plan.


Damage to your e-Chopper? This is covered with the ON WHEELS Safe Plan.

Is it not convenient? Then you cancel, depending on the period within which you cancel, your money will be refunded from us.

For the ON WHEELS Safe Plan you pay one amount per E-Chopper, regardless of the length of the rental period.

A carefree adventure with your e-Chopper?

These conditions give you insight into what falls under the ON WHEELS Safe Plan and what your rights, obligations and exceptions are.


In the event of theft of the E-Chopper you have rented during the term of the ON WHEELS Safe Plan, you will receive another e-Chopper or a suitable alternative. Your deductible is maximized on the deposit paid by you.

Do you want to cancel the reservation? Then the following applies:

  • Up to 5 days: 90% refund
  • From 5 days to 24 hours: 50% refund
  • Within 24 hours: no refund.

The deposit will (of course) always be refunded in full in the event of cancellation.

Damage to your e-Chopper? This is covered with the ON WHEELS Safe Plan. Your deductible is the maximum of your deposit, even if the damage is your own fault. Intentional or gross negligence is excluded. If damage is caused by a third party, you must hold them liable at all times and contact De Verhuur location or ON WHEELS (info @ onwheels.fun) as soon as possible.

If you have a breakdown on the road, we will help you during opening hours and within a radius of 30 kilometers.

NOTE: The maximum driving distance with 1 person on an E-Chopper is 60KM. If you want to continue driving, rent a 2 e battery. If you drive more than 60KM or with several people on 1 E-Chopper (not allowed and the range will decrease) then we cannot guarantee sufficient battery capacity. If you come to a standstill in such a case and we have to help you on location, we charge 50 service costs which will be deducted from the deposit.


Report any damage as soon as possible. Please notify us as soon as possible about changes in your situation.

You can initially do this at the rental location where you rented your E-Chopper, contact details can be found at onwheels.fun/locaties. If this is not possible, you can email us at info@onwheels.fun

Do you want to take out this security plan? Then you must answer our questions honestly and do as much as possible to prevent and limit damage.

You pay the ON WHEELS Safe Plan fee at the same time as your booking, both online and in-store.

The ON WHEELS Safe Plan contract starts from the moment your rental period starts and ends when the rental contract ends. The contract is automatically terminated upon submission.

The ON WHEELS Safe Plan can only be taken out for all E-Choppers at the same time within 1 booking.

When canceling a booking, the ON WHEELS Safe Plan cancellation conditions only apply to the paid rental rates. The fee for the ON WHEELS Safe Plan is non-refundable.


We do not compensate damage in the event of theft if your e-Chopper was not locked and / or if you cannot present the keys.

In the event of damage or loss caused by intent and / or gross negligence in the broadest sense, the ON WHEELS Safe Plan cannot be invoked and the total amount of damage will be recovered from you.

Examples are:

  • Riding on the beach or through the (sea) water
  • Reckless driving
  • Have the E-Chopper driven by a person who does not have a valid (moped) driving license
  • Deploy or use E-Chopper for a purpose for which it was not made

If you have any questions or comments, please contact The Rental Location (onwheels.fun/locaties) or ON WHEELS (info@onwheels.fun). Always include your name, telephone number and email address so that we can reach you. Despite the fact that we have carefully translated the ON WHEELS Safe Plan for you, the Dutch version is always leading.