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e-fatbike On Wheels
e-chopper On Wheels

Our 100% electric e-Chopper

You accelerate firmly, to explore the road smoothly and silently.
For long or short journeys, before you know it you have arrived at your destination. Easy and relaxed behind the wheel of your e-chopper, without emitting harmful exhaust fumes or noise.

Below we explain step by step what you can expect and how the E-Chopper works.

To drive an e-Chopper you must be in possession of a valid (moped) driving license

We also have e-fatbikes that you can ride without a (moped) driver's license, click on the button below

Explanation of the e-Chopper

shovel clean

What's where - global

1 - The front and rear brakes
2 - The phone holder with USB charging point, don't forget your USB charging cable!
3 - Display with all driver information, see more below
4 - The headlight with city and high beam
5 - Steering wheel lock and cable lock, always lock your e-chopper when you leave it behind!
6 - Suspension fork
7 - Wide tires with very stable handling
8 - Extra footrests, pay attention! 1 person per e-chopper
9 - Heavy battery, good for at least 55KM range
10 - GPS tracker for extra security of the e-Chopper
11 - Comfortable seat, even for longer journeys

left handle

left handlebar

1 - High beam - low beam switch
2 - Turn signal left and right
3 - Horn (decommissioned), ring the bell!
4 - The phone holder with USB charging point, don't forget your own USB charging cable

right handle

Right handlebar handle

5 - Electronic Throttle Handle
6 - Cruise Control, the e-chopper maintains the speed driven (automatically switches off when braking)
7 - Ignition lock


The display

8 - Driving speed in kilometers per hour
9 - Turn signal indicator, don't forget to turn off after turning!
10 - Indicator status Li-Ion Battery, range on full battery 55-70KM


  • Make use of our routes! To do this, use the universal phone holder that is mounted on all our e-choppers. Always drive with two hands on the wheel (hands-free) and stop when you need to use your phone
  • Our routes have been compiled with the utmost care. However, you always remain responsible for driving and navigating on your e-chopper or e-fatbike (see also general terms and conditions).
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